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Coral Gables Elevator Service And Repair.

We help provide solutions and repair for your residential and commercial equipment. We offer a free assessment of your equipment, as well as round-the-clock service for your equipment. We are licensed to perform these services and well insured in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

Coral Gables Elevator Service

Repair, Overhaul, Maintenance, Renovation.There are several factors that make your building’s equipment needs unique, such as the design of your building, the number of people moving through your building at every period, and many more. Clark Elevator Service has well-drafted maintenance programs to ensure all the necessary requirements for your equipment are met for every single piece of equipment. These maintenance programs are preventive as they ensure your equipment runs as well as you need it to without easily breaking down. All maintenance programs we create are always done with the mission to reduce the possibility of breakdown for your equipment and keep them running smoothly.


  • Free Estimates
  • Licensed And Insured
  • Maintenance Contracts Included
  • Commercial And Residential Equipment.
  • Coverage And Warranty For Broken Down Elevator Parts.

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Coral Gables Elevator


We have specialists that can help you get certifications.

Coral Gables Elevator


Elevator Remodeling – Maintain resident satisfaction and keep a trendy.

Coral Gables Elevator

Door lock monitoring

The Bureau of Elevator Safety has recently implemented new standards.

Why Choose Us

For some time now, Clark Elevator has served the good people of Coral Gables and its neighboring cities, and we have done extremely well. As you may have interpreted from reviewing our website, we are a service business focused on the repair, maintenance, and renovation of elevators, escalators, moving walkways, and lifts.

We are well equipped to serve and offer maintenance and repair for all buildings in need of these services, whether they are residential, commercial, or industrial buildings. We can work on all equipment brands and types.

It doesn’t matter what your elevator or escalator needs to function properly, we are guaranteed to provide it for you, from new parts and new installations to maintenance and service when needed. We even provide a cost evaluation for you at zero cost. All our estimates are free.

Since we believe at Clark Elevator that preventive maintenance is the most important thing to ensure the proper working of your equipment, we are focused on the examination of your equipment, from the type, the current condition of the equipment to the settings of the equipment to enhance optimal performance from your building equipment.

We offer diagnostic service and routine maintenance to ensure that we deal with your building equipment specifically so that the cost of repair is lowered in the long run.

Clark Elevator boasts of the best and most professional customer support team, with about 25 years of mixed technical experience and knowledge in this field. Our customers’ satisfaction is our top priority, so we take it seriously. We always have experienced hands-on ground to help with the installation, service, and routine maintenance of building equipment like residential elevators, dumbwaiters, commercial elevators, escalators, material lifts, and platform lifts.

Once again, our team of experts are highly certified and experienced to provide the best kind of service in the friendliest way possible.

Service Guaranteed

Service Guaranteed

At Clark Elevator Service and Repair, our customers are our top priority. For this reason, we are dedicated to providing the best customer service.

Miami Dade Certification


We have a team of highly qualified and certified experts that can help you with solutions to your equipment’s needs in an experienced and friendly way.

24 hour elevator service

24 Hour Service

We are always at your beck and call at every hour of the day, every day of the week. Just pick up your phone and we will attend to your emergency urgently.

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