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The Bureau of Elevator Safety has recently implemented new standards, including Section 3.10 of the ASME Elevator Safety Code A17.3-2015 . One crucial aspect of this code is Requirement 3.10.12, which mandates the installation of a System to Monitor and Prevent Automatic Operation of the Elevator with Faulty Door Contact Circuits.

Understanding Door Lock Monitoring (DLM)

Door Lock Monitoring (DLM) is a vital safety feature designed to enhance the security and functionality of elevators. It works by continuously monitoring the status of door contact circuits to ensure that they are functioning correctly. In the event of a faulty door contact circuit, DLM intervenes to prevent the elevator from operating automatically, thereby reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring passenger safety.

How Does DLM Work?

DLM systems are equipped with sensors and advanced monitoring technology that detect any irregularities in the door contact circuits. These sensors constantly assess the integrity of the circuits, detecting even the slightest deviation from normal operation. Upon detecting a fault, the DLM system triggers an alarm and disables automatic elevator operation until the issue is resolved by qualified technicians.Clark Elevator specializes in door lock monitoring services. Contact us today.

Why is DLM Enforced?

The enforcement of DLM is rooted in the commitment to elevator safety and compliance with industry regulations. By implementing Door Lock Monitoring systems, elevator owners and operators demonstrate their dedication to ensuring the highest standards of safety for passengers and personnel.Compliance with safety codes such as A17.3-2015 is essential to mitigate risks and uphold the integrity of elevator operations.



Yes, per Florida State Law Door Lock Monitoring is required in all elevator systems as of 2024.
The deadline for DLM Installation is Jan 1,2024
Yes, Clark Elevator Co. Provides routine maintenance and inspectionsptionscription

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